Trick Or Treat?

We are getting into that Halloween spirit even though it is not officially celebrated in Hungary.  We have our pumpkin craved and bought a ghost shaped baking mould. I’m still not entirely sure what to bake in that.. Oh! Almost forgot about the creepy Halloween potato shapes I picked up at the local shop today 🙂 Feket (the black one) looks even blacker and keeps scaring around the girls, so hopefully we are all gonna be ready for the return of the dead.

The “Festive Meal”

Halloween baking mould 😀

My Pumpkin

The Scarer 🙂




I’d like certain changes to happen in my life, so I decided to make some to start with. For a change, I did not begin with my hair colour or lenght (huh), but my blog. I really hope you’ll like it. I am also starting to learn PS this week and might desing a logo to go with the new design.

Enjoy 🙂 My middle cat approved!

Photo by Tromboneart 🙂

Traditional Hungarian Bread And the Traditional Hungarian Breed

Breaking Bad? No, Baking Bread!

Ok, I’ll skip the „not really being funny” part.

Big news! (Beeeeeehold!) We have a breadmaker. My grandparents got it as a Christmas present years ago and it was standing next to its box unused since then. Well, until I found it.

So, we figured out we will take one big step to stop eating things we dont know the origin of (and might potentially kill us in the long run).

Our new routine is to cook 2-3 times a week; my boyfriend makes soup and bread, and I make the rest. We only drink organic juices and mineral water (ok maybe some wine, too), and make sure to avoid fast food, processed meat and pre-made meals alltogether. I still aim (yes, aim, it is not fully happening, but I cut way back on my gluten intake) for gluten-free, and with home made bread I can be sure it is fully celiac-friendly. We also have the choice of making separate breads for my boyfriend and me, so he does not have to follow my diet if he does not want to.

Here is our first bread. To be completely honest, it turned out to be really bad. Baking bad, ha! I know, I promised I’ll cut the silly jokes…..

Once we figure out how to make good bread, I’ll start sharing my recipes. 🙂

The Hungarian Breed

The other catch of the week was meeting my  friend’s new Vizsla (and her, too).

“The Vizsla is a dog breed originating in Hungary, which belongs under the FCI group 7 (Pointer group). The Hungarian or Magyar Vizsla are sporting dogs and loyal companions, in addition to being the smallest of the all-round pointer-retriever breeds.” Read more…

All I know, they are cute and I can never have them. They are not indoors material. They constantly need the running, jumping, sniffing the air, enjoying the sun and running more… eating shoes might also come with; but for sure, they are one of the cutest puppies of all time. They are also huge kiss givers and talk a lot. Ideal family puppies, awesome around children but they do need space.

Here are my pictures of the guest stars of the week, enjoy (finally a break from my all-star cats) 🙂

Notice to boyfriend: I am not removing this, sue me! 😛

* Picture credit for Anita Brayer (yes, I took these) 🙂 Please do not steal them, ask nicely and they are yours. Respect copyrights. Thanks!

Scaredy Cat – My All Time Favourite

I know I have not been very original on own content lately, I have constantly been ill. However, this was some great time off to find some artists to adore.

Heather Franzen quickly became one of these 🙂 Scaredy Cat is her first picture book, part of a series of short stories that I call Stories Without Words. Readers are given the freedom to create their own narratives and interpretations.

Here it is, I hope you enjoy 🙂