Realizing my Cats are All Grown Up

God, I can’t believe a month has passed so quickly. I am already 1,5 months into my new job. 🙂

Days are passing me by way too quickly. Not a lot has changed, I still have three, incredibly bad cats to start with. I started to miss the times when they were only kittens. Cuter, smaller and less noisy. However, adulthood gave them way more personality and they tend to have weirder habits.

Blacket, for example, comes to the bathroom with us every evening and grooms himself in the sink, constantly yapping about something. We still do not speak cat unfortunately, but we assume he tells us how his day went. Sometimes the story gets more passionate, sometimes he is meowing more to himself. It is usually a 10-15 minutes story which he only tells while we are taking a bath. I wonder if the neighbors can hear our little conversations. 😀

black cat in the sink

Xeni invented a new „room” for herself. She likes to have her own personal space where she is not often disturbed. Once I find her hiding spot, she starts looking for a new one. She had a „room” in my lingerie drawer, on the top shelf in the bedroom, in the printer box situated on the top of the wardrobe, on the chair under the dining table and now she lives in the laundry box. I wonder what the next one will be, and the length of time it will take for me to find out about it.

Nothing really changed with Raspberry, she still thinks she is a human being. She watches less television lately, on the other hand, Blacket watches big cat diaries a lot.

black cat watching tv

Oh and he can, now,  open doors with his „hand”.

I wonder what they are doing while we are at work if they are this busy when we are home. I am contemplating getting a camera installed in the front room to see what they are up to when they think „mom” can not see them. Hoping to catch some funny videos like this one:

This could do really well in a funny cat compilation 🙂