Testing the new robot – our beloved Vileda Relax Plus

Yes, we have a cleaning robot and I encourage everyone to have one. Really. Especially with cats. It saves a ton of time cleaning. We went for literally the cheapest one, still we have no regrets.

On the unboxing video a lot of you asked for the live test, so here it is! Let me know if there’s anything that seems to be missing.



Christmas in Brussels

We are, as every year since we moved here, spending Christmas here in Brussels. Home. Because home is where your cat is. πŸ™‚

Despite the fact that there is hardly any snow, the city becomes quite festive from the beginning of December. There is a Christmas market, an outdoor ice rink, a light show in Grand Place along with numerous other festivities. This weekend we decided to walk around a bit and give you a little taster. (Also, I just realized I forgot to add subtitles. Let’s just say, he has a fear of heights….) πŸ™‚

VLOG no 11 – A weekend in Texel

Finally, we went to visit my awesome friends and their baby. They live in the Netherlands, on the northern island of Texel which is a bit more than a 4 hour drive and includes a quality ferry ride. πŸ™‚ It is a summertime paradise and still charming this close to wintertime. This is the teaser, more video content to come!

VLOG no 10 – We love cats!

So, some of you may wonder why the hell is a travel vlog/blog called life with the cats. Well, this is not really a travel vlog. It’s a personal vlog for a couple who happens and aims to travel a lot. When we don’t we are at home with our 3, very spoiled cats and when we do travel, we still naturally attract…well..animals. Mainly felines. There is no real explanation for this, but we function like a cat magnet.

Here is a photo from our hotel room mid-week:

hotel cat
hotel cat

Today’s video is a short one because today we have other adventures to document! Will report on that, too. Until than, here are some of the cuties of Lanza.

VLOG no 9 – The Thomas Cook review

This time, we decided to upgrade to Premium Service with Thomas cook. Check out the video for details on food and extras.

The service also includes preferential seating, priority check-in and speedy security on select airports. Unfortunately it is not available in Arrecife. All in all, for us it really worth it!