The Case of Not Enough Time

Time is passing me by so quickly I don’t even realize. With a full time job and some freelance to-dos I had no time for image editing, drawing, designing or writing. Worst of all, I did not really have time for the Sacred Creatures, either.

As a result, Málna stopped talking to me days ago and “someone” stole my homeshoes. Feket lives in the laundry basket lately and grew some bellyfat as well. He is  -by the way-  huge. 6 kilogramms and not even a year old.  Maybe I should cut back on the meals. On the other hand, Málna eats a lot more and she is so small and skinny, she does not even look 6 months old. She already turned 2. As I said, time flies….. 🙂

As I promised, here are a few photos of the autumn colours. They are unedited. I could also blame this on not having enough time, but in fairness, they turned out to be the bests I’ve taken since I am learning photography. I really wanted to give you an insight on how it goes with the photo taking part, not the manipulation part 🙂

As usual, any feedback is welcome 🙂 (if you’d like to use any, please email me and I’ll send you the original size)

autumn sunsetIMG_0103 leaves IMG_0113 IMG_0093 IMG_0084


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