Frozen Yogurt – Bliss All Year Round!

I decided to share one of my all time favorites with you all.

I am well aware, that it is now wintertime and cold outside. This time of the year, most people are craving hot desserts, brownies and steam sponges, but I am an ice cream girl, I can’t help it. I can crave ice cream even on the coldest days of January.

Most ice creams you can buy in your local store are not very healthy (usually full of sugar and fat) and most of the ingredients I don’t even recognize… I love fruit ice creams and sorbets, however many of those never seen real fruit.. or any… 😀

So I have my own little recipe, that is full of fruits, flavours, colors and is always fresh. Never failed to make me smile.

Here is how to make awesome frozen yogurt:

1. get some frozen fruit (any really, your taste determines it all) and some plain yogurt (try to aim for low fat organic if you can, I sinned this time)

frozen yogurt ingredients

2. put them all in a mixing bowl (or anything you can mix it in)

frozen yogurt ingredients
All set

3. get a blender (hand-held is perfect) and blend the frozen fruit with the yogurt, if you have a sweet tooth, add a teaspoon of honey and syrup

mixing frozen yogurt

4. serve and enjoy!

strawberry frozen yogurt




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