Christmas in Brussels

We are, as every year since we moved here, spending Christmas here in Brussels. Home. Because home is where your cat is. πŸ™‚

Despite the fact that there is hardly any snow, the city becomes quite festive from the beginning of December. There is a Christmas market, an outdoor ice rink, a light show in Grand Place along with numerous other festivities. This weekend we decided to walk around a bit and give you a little taster. (Also, I just realized I forgot to add subtitles. Let’s just say, he has a fear of heights….) πŸ™‚


A 100 Happy Days…

86-87-88… God I’m so behind. I think the 100 happy days challenge actually fulfilled its purpose. There are so many things I’m happy about daily that I could make 5-10 photos a day and I’m so preoccupied being happy that I forget to post them on the blog. So here are a few happy moments of the missing last days. 😊 finally, English reading (as a sidenote, there was no preference, any newspaper can make me happy), English breakfast, garden cleaning, cat.

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