Daily cat # 1

So Blac(k)at has a new habit. He eats flies. Gross. At first I got really nervous about the fact that he does. I mean, how disgusting is a fly? The other day, a really big green coloured one came to the kitchen and when I hit him/her with a newspaper little worms came out of the dead body instantly! So I figured I should look into this fly eating case. After doing a little research, I figured the best option is always…. just to think logical, and don’t panic.

feket 2

Is it dangerous for your cat to eat flies?

Well, think about a cat’s natural habitat. If he (say it is a him) lives out in the wild what would he eat? Mice? Squirrels? Less disgusting, but do they carry diseases as well? Of course they do. Even though it is icky and gross, your cat is designed by nature to be a predator. It is in his instincts. The only reason why eating mice can be dangerous is the fact that people poison them to keep them away from their home and storage. A weak, dying mouse is a very easy target for a cat, and he will probably catch and eat it. The poison is not designed to only kill mice and rats, it is deadly for our beloved pets, dogs or cats, too. This is something to worry about, and not the fly eating.

Is hunting flies good for your cat?

Definitely. What does your cat do when a fly is in? Concentrates. Good. It is good for kitties to use their brains and improve their senses. They also learn a few new good moves. They learn to jump, and to jump higher. They run around, and running surely burns some calories. Neutered, in-home cats can go lazy and put on some excessive weight which is a lot worse for their overall health, than the bacteria the fly carries.

Is this whole fly thing good for you?

We all know the funny sound they make when hunting for flying prey. Think about it. You are smiling already. Imagine them running and jumping around. They stumble and fall and get angry and meow, and meow harder, and the fly doesn’t care, and they use their paws…….. You are actually burning 1.3 calories per minute while laughing at this.

Oh, and after a good hunting session, they sleep for hours. They might let you sleep at night as well (naaw, don’t really get your hopes up).