The Healing Purr and A Dead Battery

Sorry for the „long time, no see” I have been fighting a flu, then facing a nightmare weekend.

I was about to drive to the pet store on Saturday to buy some litter and food for the cats when my car decided not to open the doors. I first thought the battery of the remote for the alarm went off, but the control light flashed as usual. So imagine little me running around the car desperately pressing the open button. Nothing happened. Frustrated.

So then my boyfriend pointed out  that the alarm led inside the car was not flashing. Hm. Then someone tried to steal the car and disabled the alarm. But why leaving it then? Funny and disturbing at the same time for a first thought.

So what do girls do when their car doesn’t start? Call Daddy. It took him 20 minutes to convince me to open the car door manually, as I was dead sure the „un-working” alarm will go off and I won’t be able to stop it and the neighbors will come down and beat me up and then it would all turn to a bloodbath. Finally I turned the key and started screaming that the central locking had died too!! At that moment we all knew; it had to be the battery. Still, having a brand new battery not working did not make any sense at all.

We quickly gathered all the memories of our last trip with the car. We went to the vet… Then the whole chain reaction just came to my mind. My middle cat decided she is no longer able to hold it in and in the last 2 minutes of the drive she simply peed on my boyfriend. He checked what happened, couldn’t see it, switched the inside lights on…. the rest is obvious. With a comfort feature of the alarm switching the interior lights on when opening and closing the car I had no chance of realizing this. So yeah, we were there with a dead battery and no charger. Luckily one of our friends offered help and he was there with the charger (which first refused to charge the battery) in an hour.

All solved, battery charged, battery correctly placed (after watching 3 Youtube tutorials) we were ready to leave with an 18 hour delay…if the ignition had turned. For some reason my ignition decided not to turn. Ever. I tried, my boyfriend tried, my dad tried over the phone.. nothing.

So when I told Mify (that is the car’s name) that I had enough and I will just go to a corner and cry, she suddenly let me turn the key and she is working flawless since then. Touch wood.

So yeah, weekend was hectic. Week was worse. I was ill. It has been a long time since I have been this ill. The proper thing with fever and all that jazz.

They say cats have a healing power and they will try and come to „fix you”. It is clinically proven that their purring makes an ultra sound that helps to heal the body. Not just theirs, but ours, too.

And as they say, my cats came to fix me. Literally. They were doing shifts. Málna was (of course) the one taking care of me the most. If she had thumbs I’m sure she would have made me tea as well. She spent almost 8 hours a day constantly on me, purring. If she had to eat, or greet someone, sleep or use the litter tray, she sent Feket to sit on me and purr. Feket was not that devoted, but he purred and kissed and even tried to clean me; but that was not that pleasant really. My antisocial middle cat cared less. She came to check on me 3-4 times a day, sniffed around, purred for 2 minutes then left. To give it to her, she did not really have the chance, as Málna was constantly guarding me. I’m sure they haven’t been this close to me since I have them. When Málna was little and ill I spent all my time curing and caring for her, so I’m guessing this was payback time. It worked and I fought this nasty flu like illness off in just 4 days, so if you ask me, they do heal.

Here is a little infographic I came across on a sound healing blog, enjoy 🙂



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