I might be in crisis. “Well, this didn’t take very long..”

Ever since the beginning of mankind, people have been struggling with self-expression and finding the right way of doing it. Now, I could blog about food two times a day, but that is not always that interesting. There are tons of things I would love to blog about, but for certain reasons I can’t, so I basically feel like I’m stuck in rut. I could blog about my cats, and I have no excuse why not to. Still, I feel like there is something else I need to share.

How do you blog about things that concern you, but you cannot share publicly?

Let me use some examples, apart from it being religion, ethnics or politics, as those have been taboo for a long time (and that I still don’t agree to).

How do you blog about things you have learnt from past relationships without hurting the new one (and for the matter of fact, truly criticizing those exes)?

How do you blog about career tips and advancement without upsetting your current employer?

How do you give tips on certain embarrassing health or personal issues without all of your colleagues looking at you differently the next day?

Yeah right, keep your blog personal. So what is the use of a blog with no readers?

I’m sure we are all more confident sharing our experiences with complete strangers, but a public blog can be found by your friends, family, workmates, boss, angry wife and so on. So how do create content to be compliant with all these and still giving yourself and value to it? Can a personal blog, that is public, be truly personal? Is there such thing as blogging taboo?

There are certain things fellow bloggers don’t really write about, but it can still be niche specific. I, personally, chose blogging so I can write about all the things that come to my mind, but I am so limited by my own life I have to lead, and all those people I have to adapt to.

Until I figure this out here is a Vine about Málna.



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