Chinese At Home – Is it mission impossible?

When it comes to making chinese at home people tend to freak out. It is something we rather have delivered from „professionals” than to try and make it at home. Most of us haven’t even got the idea of what herbs and spices are used, and many of those are a hassle to find at the local grocery shop.

I was contemplating the idea for years but always ended up going to my favorite take-away. Making good chinese seemed to be a hard task to accomplish; it felt time consuming and complicated, not to mention the prices. When I calculated the estimate spendings on a meal I was better off ordering for half the price.

But the other day Jamie changed my life again. He made sticky chicken in the 15 minute meals series, and it looked quick, cheap and edible.

I made the chicken as it is described in the recipe however I changed the noodles a bit and completely left out the salad (soooorryyy). I have a huge wok at home which I haven’t used once, so it was high time. I made the salad dressing as told by Jamie, but added more soy sauce and doubled the amount of fish sauce. I first fried some onions and slices of carrots in hot olive oil, added the salad dressing with the sauces and finally added the cooked noodles. It turned out to be an amazing Asian „side dish noodle”, we all loved it.

Here is what mine looked like.  🙂


Enjoy 🙂


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