Photos Of The Great Outdoors and The 30 Days Water Challenge

Big news! I am starting the 30 days water challenge tomorrow. I have always been told off for drinking 3-4 glasses of water a day (tops!) so it is high time I started doing something about it. I know this is not normal, but I really don’t feel like drinking more than that. The “How drinking 3 litres of water a day took 10 years off my face” article was the last drop in the glass (how poetic) and gave me the final push. I have been warned by relatives, boyfriend, work colleagues and my doctor about this and I have been trying, but never managed to take in more than 1.5 litres, so I am really curious if I can manage 3 litres… Sounds like plenty… But if only half of the achievements listed in the article prove to be true it’s all worth it.

Let’s see! I’ll report about how I managed – this time next week 😉

I also wanted to share a few photos I took over the weekend, while learning my camera’s settings. Any feedback is more than welcome and much appreciated. I hope you like them. xoxo