Photos Of The Great Outdoors and The 30 Days Water Challenge

Big news! I am starting the 30 days water challenge tomorrow. I have always been told off for drinking 3-4 glasses of water a day (tops!) so it is high time I started doing something about it. I know this is not normal, but I really don’t feel like drinking more than that. The “How drinking 3 litres of water a day took 10 years off my face” article was the last drop in the glass (how poetic) and gave me the final push. I have been warned by relatives, boyfriend, work colleagues and my doctor about this and I have been trying, but never managed to take in more than 1.5 litres, so I am really curious if I can manage 3 litres… Sounds like plenty… But if only half of the achievements listed in the article prove to be true it’s all worth it.

Let’s see! I’ll report about how I managed – this time next week 😉

I also wanted to share a few photos I took over the weekend, while learning my camera’s settings. Any feedback is more than welcome and much appreciated. I hope you like them. xoxo

Raspberry, The Star!

Raspberry (Málna in Hungarian, as we call her) found her true self in modelling.

Turns out, she knows all the right moves and poses. Well done! 🙂

Anita’s Life with the Cats – Xeni and Raspberry
The eyes of the…Raspberry.
Raspberry - Anita's life with the cats
My little model.

Learning New Things

It’s been a year since I bought my Canon 1000D. Funny enough, I hardly used it… ever. Mostly for the reason that I had (ok, have) no clue how to use it properly.

Having a professional camera and using it on auto settings always grossed me out. Pathetic… I spent all that money to push a button…? Noooo, that wasn’t something I am into.

So, I had to find the time (and quit the excuses) to actually learn how my camera works. Aperture? ISO?

Since I don’t have any money to spare and spend on pricy courses I begun my search online. I found a great tutorial on Lifehacker and started playing with certain settings…for the last two days.

I have been learning Illustrator (and created my new logo, ha!) and Photoshop for a little while, so I might get everything together to do some creative work I always wanted to and had been passionate about.

Here is the first set of my photos, I hope you like them. Any feedback is much appreciated.