Weekly Life Update: Creativity and Water

On water:

It is high time that I gave some insight on how the water challenge goes so far. Well, it is a lot more difficult to manage from home than it is from the office.

At work I fall into a pattern, everything is scheduled and I just sit at an office table and work. No major distractions.

However, at the weekend we went shopping, cleaned the flat, visited Lukacs Bath and the grandparents, worked a lot and it just became harder and harder to manage.

I got so carried away with all the things I had to do that I only managed around 1.5-2 litres per day on Saturday and Sunday. Shame on me.

As an attempt to find a solution for this I downloaded an app called Waterlogged. It is not bad, but the free version lacks many useful options (e.g.: warning me every hour to drink). It is perfect for measuring the amount of liquid that is consumed though.

On creativity:

photo (3)edited

Not long ago, when I was whining about the fact that I am soooo-soooo handicapped at image editing by being mixed handed I got a little gift from life (and a very nice client of mine :-))

I am a strange creature, I am not only left handed but mixed handed, meaning that I do everything with my right hand, apart from eating and writing, which qualifies me as a lefty. Anything that is not a spoon, fork, pencil or pen literally falls out of my left hand but can not hold any of these items in my right… 😀

Now the issue is, that I can only draw and edit with my left hand, but can only control a mouse with my right one. Umm, yeah. That’s what I thought. So the only solution for this is a digital pen and tablet set. Being as broke as I am usually, a digi tablet was nowhere in sight.

Until the next morning, when I received an Amazon gift card from someone I do some work with 🙂 So I ordered my new Wacom Intuos and after some usual Hungarian hassle and paying an insulting amount for delivery, tax and customs, it arrived last Friday and I drew my first…..um…..Simon’s cat… 😀

Also, I took some photos over the weekend, here is two as teaser and I’ll show you the others in my next post. Keep tuned 🙂

photography autumn sunset
Autumn Sunset
photography moon



Weekly Life Update: The Story So Far…

The water challenge so far…

I know I promised weekly updates on this and it has only been five days but there are already some changes I’ve spotted. Obviously, I have to pay visits to the rest room more often but that’s not all that changed. First of all, I don’t feel sleepy all day. Finally! This has been a long going issue for me. I was tired in the morning, before lunch, after lunch, later in the afternoon and I was struggling to stay awake ’till half past ten. For the last three days I have been feeling more and more awake. I’m up until midnight and wide awake in the morning. So far, so good.

The other thing is, that I finally got to enjoy the sauna and the steam cabin. To be honest, I have never been a big fan of heat as I usually felt dizzy and was unable to sweat a lot, or at all. Anything above 30 degrees Celsius was literally making me sick and uncomfortable. I blamed it all on being a winter girl, but the fact is I was lacking proper amount of fluid so badly, that my body simply could not cool itself as it should.

The learning process so far…

I bought a book on photography! Yeeey!

photo book

I finished 80 pages already and now I know (okay, have a rough idea) how DSLR cameras work, what the basic differences are and what happens exactly when a photograph is taken. I already looked into some settings, but I still don’t get the images I want.. Well, learning photography is not something that magically happens after reading 80 pages, so I might just keep on reading a bit more.

Here are a few pictures I have taken today to see if I can use any of the things I’ve learnt so far.

Budapest City Park


Heroes’ Square, Budapest

More photos

I promise I’ll upload some photos of the cats as well, soon.




Learning New Things

It’s been a year since I bought my Canon 1000D. Funny enough, I hardly used it… ever. Mostly for the reason that I had (ok, have) no clue how to use it properly.

Having a professional camera and using it on auto settings always grossed me out. Pathetic… I spent all that money to push a button…? Noooo, that wasn’t something I am into.

So, I had to find the time (and quit the excuses) to actually learn how my camera works. Aperture? ISO?

Since I don’t have any money to spare and spend on pricy courses I begun my search online. I found a great tutorial on Lifehacker and started playing with certain settings…for the last two days.

I have been learning Illustrator (and created my new logo, ha!) and Photoshop for a little while, so I might get everything together to do some creative work I always wanted to and had been passionate about.

Here is the first set of my photos, I hope you like them. Any feedback is much appreciated.