Weekly Life Update: The Story So Far…

The water challenge so far…

I know I promised weekly updates on this and it has only been five days but there are already some changes I’ve spotted. Obviously, I have to pay visits to the rest room more often but that’s not all that changed. First of all, I don’t feel sleepy all day. Finally! This has been a long going issue for me. I was tired in the morning, before lunch, after lunch, later in the afternoon and I was struggling to stay awake ’till half past ten. For the last three days I have been feeling more and more awake. I’m up until midnight and wide awake in the morning. So far, so good.

The other thing is, that I finally got to enjoy the sauna and the steam cabin. To be honest, I have never been a big fan of heat as I usually felt dizzy and was unable to sweat a lot, or at all. Anything above 30 degrees Celsius was literally making me sick and uncomfortable. I blamed it all on being a winter girl, but the fact is I was lacking proper amount of fluid so badly, that my body simply could not cool itself as it should.

The learning process so far…

I bought a book on photography! Yeeey!

photo book

I finished 80 pages already and now I know (okay, have a rough idea) how DSLR cameras work, what the basic differences are and what happens exactly when a photograph is taken. I already looked into some settings, but I still don’t get the images I want.. Well, learning photography is not something that magically happens after reading 80 pages, so I might just keep on reading a bit more.

Here are a few pictures I have taken today to see if I can use any of the things I’ve learnt so far.

Budapest City Park


Heroes’ Square, Budapest

More photos

I promise I’ll upload some photos of the cats as well, soon.





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