2014 New Year’s Resolutions

We survived Christmas and New Year’s Eve, even the tree! My previous tips proved to work well again. Proud!

There are some projects I started back in 2013, and it is high time I give you a little summary on them, so read on. 🙂

Water Challenge: ended! I have to admit, I did not do it for the whole 30 days. For those who missed it, you can read about my water challenge here and here. It went well but I found managing 3 litres very difficult every day. I could not fit carrying litres of water to my daily schedule and my body literally hated drinking that much. Have you ever had the feeling that you cannot stand the “taste” of water anymore? I got there, and I decided to stop it 4 days early. I did not want to risk my relationship with fluids 🙂 However, it helped a lot, and solved my drinking problem. Now I drink around 2 litres every day, which is plenty compared to my 2 glasses per day water intake. I shocked my body and it adapted to the situation. I don’t even realize how much I drink now, it comes naturally.

Things the water challenge solved:

  • increase natural water intake
  • bladder problems
  • higher blood pressure and hearth rate (lowered both)
  • fitness (I can walk more, stand more; did not try running just yet)

Things I thought the water challenge will solve, but didn’t:

  • sleeping problems
  • skin issues (acne, cellulite)
  • skin and hair hydration
  • dark circles under the eyes

Over all, it helped a lot in my whole well-being, so I am happy to recommend the method! It won’t hurt!

Design and photography: I left Higher Click mid December and now have a new Online Marketing role at an established Hungarian company, so I concentrate most of my time and attention on that, but as soon as I’m trained in I will find the time to improve there.

Gluten free eating: not for me. I traded it in for simply clean eating, and still lost weight. I now think keeping “normal” weight is a matter of attention not a matter of diet. I do spend a lot of time on buying food at farmers markets, breaking up with processed food and eating quality meals. I keep quantities smaller but more indulging. Works well so far.

Running: definite no so far, but I might work on it a little more and see if I like it better!

And for the new year?

  • Go to a yoga class! (Okay, maybe “go to many yoga classes”..)
  • Smile and give thanks for everything I have.
  • Worry less about things that are really not that important.
  • Kiss the cats often. (occasionally the boyfriend, too. :-))
  • Let the past go fully and concentrate on the new things in my life.
  • Continue clean eating and cook more.
  • Stick with one hair color and let that be blonde eventually. 😀
Happy New Year - Life with the cats
Happy New Year from Anita and the Cats

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