Life update

Dear Diary,

I thought it was time I reflected back on things that changed since last year. It is immense, so I am going to be comparing life to the point when I wrote down my new year’s resolutions.

Life has changed around completely. We moved to a different country and both have different jobs. We kind of re-started our lives. What stayed the same is that we still have the cats and each other. And that, for me, is enough. For now. 😀

So let’s see my resolutions, and how they turned out:

And for the new year?

Go to a yoga class! (Okay, maybe “go to many yoga classes”…)

Smile and give thanks for everything I have.

Worry less about things that are really not that important.

Kiss the cats often. (occasionally the boyfriend, too. :-))

Let the past go fully and concentrate on the new things in my life.

Continue clean eating and cook more.

Stick with one hair color and let that be blonde eventually. 😀

Well, yoga classes kind of happened. We had office yoga with the girls twice (or 3 times?) since I am in my new job, and did yoga classes at home with the doyogawithme guy. So I definitely check this, but it could be really good if I could just go once a week or so.

I try to smile more, and it sort of happens a lot more since we moved. I try hard to be thankful for everything I get, and at the end of the day I always think about how lucky I am to have a fantastic boyfriend and the cutest cats in the world. Worrying less is kind of happening, too, but this is something I still need to work on. I can, still, get into loops when I worry about our jobs, our flat, our bills, our lives. Even now, when everything looks just fine.

I think I got to a point where my past seems to vanish. There were people in my life that I don’t need back, and there are some who I needed, and they came back. Funny, but when we moved I just figured that I missed a certain period in my life. Sometimes you feel like you miss something or someone, but you just miss the way you were at that very moment. Sometimes you link people to each other who were present at that same moment. And when you feel like you want to go back there, and be what you were, you might just need a chat with those people you were with. It did happen and it made me not miss those times anymore.

Continue clean eating, check. We go to markets, buy bio, cook bio and it is just awesome. And yes, occasionally we have a burger. And fries. And pizza. But I really think we are on the best track ever. Also, organic burgers are served just around the corner. 😉

And I am still blonde. Since january, how good is that? I didn’t think I could stick to one hair colour for this long (apart from my original one, duh).

About creativity and photography. Not a lot of progress to be fair. I am doing an online photography course on open2study and reading the book called Drawing on the right side of the brain so I really hope, that by next January I’ll be able to present some self made art and spam this blog with it completely. I also made the first photos of moving human beings, and I’m gonna show one around without their permission.


The cats

They are all fine. They enjoy the space and looking out to the garden. They meet new cats through the window and eat huge spiders. Did you know, that the giant house spider is very common in Brussels? Me neither! Luckily Blacket eats all of them, so I only find legs and dead bodies in the morning. Phew!

They might even enjoy eating them. Apart from that, I booked the girls in for neutering surgery for the first week of October, and I will probably be dead worried. I don’t even think about it. Yet.

To close it, here is a picture of Blacket during work hours.

The adventures of business cat
Business Cat

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