Living in Brussels – Pros and Cons

All the things I like and don’t like about living in Brussels 🙂

I am gonna be quick and blunt about this. First impressions – listed.

Things I do not like about Brussels:

  • People can’t drive or park
  • 5+ way junctions. “Hello, roundabouts have been invented!”
  • Pieces of pavement that move
  • Pieces of pavement that move when it rains. Water fills the hole up underneath, so when someone steps on them it is like stepping on a geysir.
  • Humidity. It’s ok that my hair looks like a mess all the time, but humidity creeps into our flat and causes wet walls. I have to have constant focus on not to have ideal conditions for mold.

Things I like about Brussels:

  • It is really calm and has a pretty good atmosphere. (I am comparing it to Budapest.)
  • Everything is walking distance. At least for us. But seriously, there are no long distances. Once I went into a tunnel in the city centre and came out on the highway out of the city. It wasn’t even that long of a tunnel.
  • Hidden parks. They are great.
  • Architecture.

Things I don’t really care about:

  • Rain. I don’t really mind rain, but I hate it when its so hot outside you cannot breathe. I don’t like any temperatures to be higher than 28 Celsius or below -5. So it is great here.