2014 New Year’s Resolutions

We survived Christmas and New Year’s Eve, even the tree! My previous tips proved to work well again. Proud!

There are some projects I started back in 2013, and it is high time I give you a little summary on them, so read on. 🙂

Water Challenge: ended! I have to admit, I did not do it for the whole 30 days. For those who missed it, you can read about my water challenge here and here. It went well but I found managing 3 litres very difficult every day. I could not fit carrying litres of water to my daily schedule and my body literally hated drinking that much. Have you ever had the feeling that you cannot stand the “taste” of water anymore? I got there, and I decided to stop it 4 days early. I did not want to risk my relationship with fluids 🙂 However, it helped a lot, and solved my drinking problem. Now I drink around 2 litres every day, which is plenty compared to my 2 glasses per day water intake. I shocked my body and it adapted to the situation. I don’t even realize how much I drink now, it comes naturally.

Things the water challenge solved:

  • increase natural water intake
  • bladder problems
  • higher blood pressure and hearth rate (lowered both)
  • fitness (I can walk more, stand more; did not try running just yet)

Things I thought the water challenge will solve, but didn’t:

  • sleeping problems
  • skin issues (acne, cellulite)
  • skin and hair hydration
  • dark circles under the eyes

Over all, it helped a lot in my whole well-being, so I am happy to recommend the method! It won’t hurt!

Design and photography: I left Higher Click mid December and now have a new Online Marketing role at an established Hungarian company, so I concentrate most of my time and attention on that, but as soon as I’m trained in I will find the time to improve there.

Gluten free eating: not for me. I traded it in for simply clean eating, and still lost weight. I now think keeping “normal” weight is a matter of attention not a matter of diet. I do spend a lot of time on buying food at farmers markets, breaking up with processed food and eating quality meals. I keep quantities smaller but more indulging. Works well so far.

Running: definite no so far, but I might work on it a little more and see if I like it better!

And for the new year?

  • Go to a yoga class! (Okay, maybe “go to many yoga classes”..)
  • Smile and give thanks for everything I have.
  • Worry less about things that are really not that important.
  • Kiss the cats often. (occasionally the boyfriend, too. :-))
  • Let the past go fully and concentrate on the new things in my life.
  • Continue clean eating and cook more.
  • Stick with one hair color and let that be blonde eventually. 😀
Happy New Year - Life with the cats
Happy New Year from Anita and the Cats

Merry Catmas – How to have a cat friendly Christmas this year?

We all remember, when Simon’s cat completely destroyed the tree, don’t we? Well, here is a quick reminder:

Not all cats are Christmas tree fetishists, but we can settle for the commonly accepted: most are.

The funny thing is, you don’t usually see dozens of cats hanging out on a pine tree, even so, that most cats hate those. They strongly dislike rosin as it sticks to their fur, very hard to clean and tastes really bad. It makes their tummy flip… They are not huge fans of pine-needles either. It nettles their paws and claws.

The Mighty Christmas Tree

In most cases, cats will avoid pine trees at all costs in their natural habitat. A Christmas tree, on the other hand, brings in a whole new scenario.

For cats constantly being kept inside greens are well-needed patches of nature. You brought something in from the outside. It smells like outside! It smells like nature! Way to make a cat excited. You just grabbed a piece of wild and inserted it in your cat’s mind.

Just by the time the „nature excitement” wears out, you start hanging shiny toys on the tree and illuminate those with sparkly lights. You just created cat heaven. Yes, the tree still smells bad for a kitty nose, it sticks and stings, but you created an experience out of it: a joypark for a feline who lived in a not very stimulating environment all year.

How To Make The Chrismas Tree Cat Safe

First of all: stabilize and tie down any tree! Speaking of experience, have a real tree. A living tree is even better, as it stands firmly on the ground with its roots in a huge pot. Any plastic tree will be destroyed. My cats even go off for the sound of the plastic tree touching its box. A real tree has the tree feeling to it, it is heavier and the pine needles will put your cats off a little. I only use my plastic tree as a distraction: place it in the middle of the room while decorating the tree, so they leave me to the real tree without „helping” with the decoration.

If you have a cut tree with a stand that is filled with water, make sure to have it covered well so your cats don’t start drinking out of it. Water mixed with the juice coming out of the tree can be poisonous in bigger quantities!


Your favorite ornaments inherited from your great gran? Forget those, put them away, sealed. They are most likely to be made out of glass. They will break, slash your heart and your kitty’s paw open. You really don’t want that to happen, even so, that your local vet is surely closed during the Holidays. There are ornaments made out of plastic that look just like glass ones. They only bounce back when fallen. Colored metallic bulbs and natural (mainly wooden) ornaments are your true friends. If you are up for doing some Christmas crafts, you can buy some Styrofoam or Durafoam Balls and cover them in glitter, color them or add some ribbons.

foam christmas ornament

Garlands and ribbons should only be placed on the top section of tree without leaving loose ends. Try to avoid flickering lights, and have still ones. Candles or anything with open fire is a strict no go! Make sure to unplug the tree when you leave home, and close the tree away if you can.

If you follow these precautions, you will survive Christmas with a few fallen ornaments and some glitter on your pillow. Oh, have a second set of lights, just in case! 🙂

christmas cat

Merry Catmas from Anita, Strawberry, Xenomorph and Blacket! xoxoxoxo

Is Success Encoded In Us Or Are We Making It Happen? – The Secret, Access Bars and the Universe

There’s a saying I keep bumping into nowadays:  „put this out to the Universe”, and it finally inspired a blog post. I am a spiritual child, they say it has something to do with the fact that I was born on the 21st of December. If I was born in a wrong era I could have already been burned for witchcraft 🙂 For those who don’t know, it is the winter solstice and last year the world ended on that day.. 😀 It surely is a date with a meaning so I blame my extreme acceptance of the „not-likely” on that.

Regarding my true beliefs, I am stuck in the „oh I don’t even know” phase. I was raised by religious grandparents for the half of my life, and spent the other half as a lost teen guided by a very young dad and „moms” would come and go. I have not been searching the meaning of life all these years, but I was pretty curious to find out the rules of it. And by that, I don’t mean gravity.

Almost everyone at least once had the thought of: why are there people who are extremely successful and why do others do worse or just stay average? If you are here to find this out, I have to disappoint you: I have no idea whatsoever..

As far as theories go, it could be God, for believers. They say they prayed for success and they got it. Some say they asked the universe or worshipped a leader the has no physical appearence. I really don’t think any of these matter. It could have – might as well –  been an angel, a spirit or the devil.

The Secret for example, teaches you how to ask for success, money and well-being. Some people swear the book changed their lives. It speaks about the Law of Attraction and how visualizing our goals paired with the right attitude can give us anything. Some people of course have it debunked, state it never worked and these things do not exist. I am not taking sides, but every succes story has a common point: an identity, entity or a theory behind them.

People who are very materialistic call that luck (how controversial), for others it can be God, the Universe or a sacred animal.

Access Consciousness states it is all in you. To define it a little deeper: „Consciousness is the ability to be present in your life in every moment, without judgment of you or anyone else. It is the ability to receive everything, reject nothing, and create everything you desire in life – greater than what you currently have, and more than what you can imagine.”

Okay, it does sound like a sales pitch, but it teaches you to ask questions when you are not able to decide, and that decisions cannot be wrong or right, and you can, in fact, choose again anytime. Wise rules to live by.

If we come down to it, as I can see there are 2 ways of success:

  1. You ask for it, and you are given – from an entity, may that be God, the Universe or the law of attraction.
  2. It is already in you, but you have to learn to use your abilities.

If you think about it, our mental power is always the key, this is what we use to send out info to the Universe, this is the voice God hears, and this is what Access Bars helps to free up.

I personally think success is an attitude. An attitude of belief.

For some, it is believing in something.  For others it is the believing itself. Some people are convinced that they can only believe in themselves, but the belief is there. Religion is not far off, we are given the one to worship.

I am a believer… of all of these. I think everything I need is in me, but I also believe that being me is really small and I hope for a bigger power for guidance and help. I think we all need that, regardless of what we name it.

I think success is belief. You just have to start believing.

You can choose the entity. You can choose your own God.

And you need some inspiration. The interviews in this video inspired me greatly, may the same happen to you.

A Trip to Berlin

I have been neglecting this blog for a while now, and for that I am sorry. I am. Really. So dramatic… 🙂


How awesome is that?? Okay, maybe I am bit overreacting, but hey, it is still awesome. We only went there for the weekend and did not see as much as I wanted to, but here are a few things to sum it up.


Berlin is huge.

Anyone who says othervise is lying. 😀 Buildings are emormous, solid and..very concrete. Building styles are mixed (my significant other disliked this a lot) and very distant eras are represented next to each other making it look like patchwork city. One example of this is the American Embassy and the Brandenburger Tor next to each other, so different still almost built together.

The TV Tower is a LOT bigger than you would expect (I had an epiphany similar to this when visiting England for the first time: I realized Stonehenge is not that big) and a lot more expensive to get in than I would have ever thought.

Berlin TV Tower
Berlin TV Tower


But Berlin is cheap.

Not everything, but most things are. The TV Tower, as I mentioned before was a slightly less pleasant surprise with costing 25 EUR for two. It is a lot, considering that for this same price we booked a super nice double room in Steglitz for a night, Haribo included.

hotel room in Berlin, Steglitz
Hotel Room

Food is really cheap, we could fill up for  5 EUR each, we even had some overlefts that later ended up donated to a homeless guy. Lidl is cheaper than it is in Hungary, and compared to the wages in Berlin, you can live off on basically close to nothing.


Berlin is well-organized.

Especially public transport. We could basically visit everything via taking the U-bahn or the S-bahn. Everything connects, the rail and bus system works perfectly. Day tickets worth their price and you actually get nice and clean service for the amount of money paid. Bicycles are everywhere (no, I mean literally everywhere) and bicycle roads can be found all throughout the city.


And the people?

Strange. I am not ready to decide just yet. The people off the street seemed very helpful, calm but distant. Customer service in the shops however seemed a bit off. First, we met the not very helpful lady in the mobile shop, who finally sold us four (yes, 4) SIM cards for the price of one. I still can not believe how we ended up with this many, but if you need a German a SIM card, you are welcome to contact me 😀

The hotel receptionist was preoccupied with her personal to-do-s and had an attitude when we needed help, but she might just had a bad day. Or PMS.

The tourist info guy literally kicked us out from the kiosk, to get real money or a real debit card. ***Useful info: Mastercards are not commonly accepted in Germany, only Maestros *** Which makes me wonder why Mastercards are advertised as the world’s card, and perfect for travelling? 😀 But it is not really about the cards, it is about the tone, gestures and face expressions we got for not owning a Meastro.

If you read this, Kiosk guy, we are truly sorry.

We also found out, that waiting at the reception of a company is not possible, as the receptionist sometimes has to leave the reception desk (don’t even go there, no logic behind this, maybe we could have stolen her computer?) and that travel expense reimbursements are not the first priorities if you are not selected for a job, even though they asked you to travel there for an interview and promised to pay for the journey. (Yes, this happened to one of us.)

Apart from that, the city is nice, organised, fairly clean and has really good vibes. I wish our public transport could be half as good as theirs and that Dounkin’ Doughnuts could be bought here, too.

I am really happy we had the chance to visit Berlin (I have however been travelling through a few instances, but had no times for sightseeing), and could spend some quality time together with my boyfriend.


To sum it up!

Life with the cats in Berlin

Compared to London it is less touristy and the people are a lot colder. The English charm is completely missing (probably becouse it is not England, duh). Compared to Vienna, it is huge. Compared to Hamburg, it looks poor (especially the east side) but more lively and artistic. Is is a lot more organised and a lot cleaner than Budapest, but it does not have the bridges and the sights by the Danube. It is unique, but I am still not sure how much I actually like it. Needs more visits I guess…and hopefully we will be there again, soon. I am ready to go tomorrow again. 🙂

All in all, it was one of the best weekends away for us, and the one of the worst weekends for the cats! Oh yeah, this blog is called life WITH the cats, but this was out first weekend without them.

They survived, but were not talking to us for about 48 hours. Málna still thinks that we will compensate her loss with food, and now started randomly shouting at us… it is only fun with cats, isn’t it?



The Case of Not Enough Time

Time is passing me by so quickly I don’t even realize. With a full time job and some freelance to-dos I had no time for image editing, drawing, designing or writing. Worst of all, I did not really have time for the Sacred Creatures, either.

As a result, Málna stopped talking to me days ago and “someone” stole my homeshoes. Feket lives in the laundry basket lately and grew some bellyfat as well. He is  -by the way-  huge. 6 kilogramms and not even a year old.  Maybe I should cut back on the meals. On the other hand, Málna eats a lot more and she is so small and skinny, she does not even look 6 months old. She already turned 2. As I said, time flies….. 🙂

As I promised, here are a few photos of the autumn colours. They are unedited. I could also blame this on not having enough time, but in fairness, they turned out to be the bests I’ve taken since I am learning photography. I really wanted to give you an insight on how it goes with the photo taking part, not the manipulation part 🙂

As usual, any feedback is welcome 🙂 (if you’d like to use any, please email me and I’ll send you the original size)

autumn sunsetIMG_0103 leaves IMG_0113 IMG_0093 IMG_0084

Weekly Life Update: Creativity and Water

On water:

It is high time that I gave some insight on how the water challenge goes so far. Well, it is a lot more difficult to manage from home than it is from the office.

At work I fall into a pattern, everything is scheduled and I just sit at an office table and work. No major distractions.

However, at the weekend we went shopping, cleaned the flat, visited Lukacs Bath and the grandparents, worked a lot and it just became harder and harder to manage.

I got so carried away with all the things I had to do that I only managed around 1.5-2 litres per day on Saturday and Sunday. Shame on me.

As an attempt to find a solution for this I downloaded an app called Waterlogged. It is not bad, but the free version lacks many useful options (e.g.: warning me every hour to drink). It is perfect for measuring the amount of liquid that is consumed though.

On creativity:

photo (3)edited

Not long ago, when I was whining about the fact that I am soooo-soooo handicapped at image editing by being mixed handed I got a little gift from life (and a very nice client of mine :-))

I am a strange creature, I am not only left handed but mixed handed, meaning that I do everything with my right hand, apart from eating and writing, which qualifies me as a lefty. Anything that is not a spoon, fork, pencil or pen literally falls out of my left hand but can not hold any of these items in my right… 😀

Now the issue is, that I can only draw and edit with my left hand, but can only control a mouse with my right one. Umm, yeah. That’s what I thought. So the only solution for this is a digital pen and tablet set. Being as broke as I am usually, a digi tablet was nowhere in sight.

Until the next morning, when I received an Amazon gift card from someone I do some work with 🙂 So I ordered my new Wacom Intuos and after some usual Hungarian hassle and paying an insulting amount for delivery, tax and customs, it arrived last Friday and I drew my first…..um…..Simon’s cat… 😀

Also, I took some photos over the weekend, here is two as teaser and I’ll show you the others in my next post. Keep tuned 🙂

photography autumn sunset
Autumn Sunset
photography moon


Heating A Room Up With 4 Candles – Tested

You may have or have not yet come across a video that has recently gone viral about heating a room up with four candles and two flower pots. If you have missed it so far, here it is:

This really got me interested as I already pay a lot more for heating than I should, even so, that the radiators have not yet been turned on for a single minute but the bill has gone up significantly. I did not plan to heat up 55 square meters with a few candles, but it would be great if we could make our small livingroom cosy for the coming winter days.

So we got 4 candles and two flower pots out and tried it.

candle heater

The result: It produces some heat, but don’t expect anything huge. 🙂 It is nice to have, you get some warmth around it and it is also a nice addition to any livingroom 🙂 I appreciate it more as an accessory than a heater.